To celebrate the long awaited arrival of Spring we shall also be presenting a seasonally inspired display by twentieth century regional artists including:- Amy K. Browning, Edward Middleditch, Glyn Morgan, Mary Potter, Humphrey Spender and Yoxford born William Robert Symonds.

IMG_7202 3.JPG

Flowers, 1959. Oil on board. Glyn Morgan. SOLD. 

Glyn Morgan's work caught the interest of the painter Cedric Morris.  Morris then invited Morgan to his painting  school in Suffolk. Morgan attended Morris' East Anglian School of Painting and Drawing in Benton End and it was a life transforming event (and relationship) with Morgan returning regularly to paint there until Morris' death in 1982. This rare work shows the lasting influence of Morris' own flower paintings (and renowned garden) on Morgan which he captures contained in a beautiful slipware jug. This major work was included in Morgan's retrospective at the Minories, Colchester in 1981.

IMG_5788 4.JPG

Woman under a Tree (date unknown). Oil on canvas. Amy K. Browning (1882-1978). SOLD

After attending school in Ripon and Luton Browning won a scholarship at the Royal College of Art, London where she befriended Sylvia Pankhurst and became involved in the development of the Suffragette movement.She painted banners for the organisation and later helped Pankhurst form the East London Federation of Suffragettes where she established a drawing and painting class attended by the young Mary Potter.  Browning moved to Iken, Suffolk  in 1927.  She is seen as a key British Impressionist painter concerned with capturing sunlight in her work (en plein air) and was awarded a gold medal in the Paris Salon.